Saturday, November 8, 2008

Please Welcome Back Illinois

SVB has been fans of these guys for a couple years now and we're happy to say that one of Philly's finest bands Illinois have returned with the first in a series of EPs they are releasing over the next few months. It's a multimedia play with accompanying videos that stars charismatic front man Chris "Arch" Archibald. The first "single" from the EP kicks off with a sinewy groove Snoop Dogg would be proud of, then heads in to indie-synth Steely Dan territory. It gives you something to hang on. Nice.

Here's The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe Vol 1 EP

Here's the jam:
Hang On - Illinois


Ms Carlee said...

what did you think about the new Notorious??? trailer:

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Jenifer said...

Gaer has a couple of new songs that rock on his myspace.

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