Thursday, November 15, 2007


I know it's been a while, so I figured I'd get back to local biz with some cool new stuff from Jotto, some local Philly indie-rockster fellas who probably owe as much to the Gang Of Four and The Rapture as they do to Kylie Minogue and Oingo Boingo. The band's new EP immediately grabs you on to the dance floor in an "I'm almost too indierock to dance" kind of way, and then sort of spazzing out in an interesting Strokes/indierockdance manner that's deserving of repeated listenings. But here's the thing: I can play all the spot the influences I want with this band, but so far they've managed to come up with something that's uniquely different and familiar at the same time. The guitar/keyboard interplay is dynamic and cool and lead singer Aaron has this slightly affected yet compelling charm in his vocals. Way to go Jotto.
Young In The City - Jotto

You can buy the EP here