Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Drink Up Buttercup

The daisy age of Philly indie-rock is upon us.

Led by bands like Dr. Dog and The Capitol Years, Drink Up Buttercup are the latest in this group of very creative up-and-coming day-glo indie-rockers from outside Philly in Bucks County, where there's definitely something good in the water. The four lads in the band include Jim Harvey guitars and vocals, Farzad Houshiarnejad (Keys/Bass/Melodica/Vox/Percussion), Ben Money (Keys/Bass/Melodica/Vox/Percussion) and Mike Cammarata (Drums).

Sometimes when people use words like quirky or eclectic it doesn't always connote a positive thing. However as I think of these words to describe what these lo-fi demos sound like to me, I say it in only the most positive manner. This is the sound of a young band with an ambitious musical vision. Clearly there's psychedelic influences however there's something more going on here which will present greater opportunities once the band gets down to doing more proper recordings. They're working on an EP which could be out in the Fall. They are touring a lot. They do a residency at The Fire in Philly the last three Wednesdays in September, as well as a show in Brooklyn at the Lit Lounge in November. Be on the lookout for them.

Drink Up remind me of Love You era Beach Boys and early Frank Zappa. Drink Up!