Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Swimmers

There's plen-tea of reasons why we love The Swimmers. For starters they've made one of the best albums of 07 that hasn't come out yet (soon come, they say), and they're going to open for Camera Obscura at their Philly show at the TLA on August 22, plus they're rocking Johnny Brendas this Friday night. And for all you fans and soon to be fans they're giving up a six song EP of five live songs and a studio outtake. How about that!? Here's a taste:

Heaven - The Swimmers

All The New Sounds - The Swimmers

The Ocean Lifts Her Dress - The Swimmers

You can download the full EP here

And here's a bonus live cover of ELO's Mr. Blue Sky
Mr. Blue Sky - The Swimmers

Catch the band on tour in a city near you:
Aug 20 Pete’s Candy Store/NYC
Sept 3 Schubas/Chicago
Sept 14 Tritone/Philadelphia
Sept 15 Mercury Lounge/NYC
Sept 22 PA’s/Boston

The Swimmers myspace