Monday, September 10, 2007

The Trolleyvox

My history with The Trolleyox actually goes way back almost 20 years to when I first started volunteer DJ'ing at WXPN doing the late night alt-rock show called Beat Planet back in the '80's. I was one of a number of DJ's who spun the late night college/alt-rock and one of the DJ's was Andrew Chalfen - the songwriter, guitarist and sometime singer currently behind Trolleyvox. Back then he was the DJ who turned me on to just about any cool band that played jangly melodic pop. From (early) REM to the Chills to Miracle Legion, Big Star, the dB's, Let's Active, and The Verlaines and the many bands who were tagged a part of the Paisley Underground, Chalfen was back then and still is a lover of psychedelic melodic pop. Great chords, singalong choruses, Rickenbackers, mostly 3 & 1/2 minute energy charged pop leaning rock songs. Back in the 80's and almost into the 90's, Chalfen was also a member of The Wishniaks, an important band amongst a handful of important bands in the local music scene, along with Electric Love Muffin, Nixon's Head, The Johnsons, Flight of Mavis, The Low Road and Baby Flamehead.

All this history to say that while Andy has been in a number of bands since The Wishniaks, The Trolleyvox have just released their fourth album. That Chalfen remains a vibrant part of the local music scene is a testament to his ability to write timeless pop songs. I should say albums since it is a double disc; Your Secret Safe is the electric disc and was produced by Brian McTear; Luzerne is the acoustic collection - just Andy and vocalist Beth Filla(recorded by Chris Unrath). The rock side features Chalfen on guitar and some vocals, Owen Biddle on bass, Adam Stranburg on drums along with Beth on lead vocals.

Jean Jacket - The Trolleyvox

You can buy the record here