Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Sw!ms

The Sw!ms hail from Scranton Pennsylvania and mine a popspace where early Elvis Costello & The Hollies comingle. Their retro-psych stands out all the better due in large part to the strength of the songwriting and their confident playing. The band consists of Brian Langan on vocals, guitars & percussion; Phillip Price on Farfisa and Hammond organs, Moog and Korg synthesizers, Rhodes piano, vocals & theremin; Matt Walsh on bass, vocals, percussion and Neil McCann on drums & percussion. Their most recent album came out in Feb '06 called Ride Of The Blueberry Winter and it sure does rock.

We Need Lava - The Sw!ms
Noid - The Sw!ms
Depth Charge - The Sw!ms

The Sw!ms myspace