Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Joe Jack Talcum

I used to love love love The Dead Milkmen. The band included Joe Jack Talcum on guitar & vocals, Dave Blood on bass, Dean Clean on drums, and lead vocalist Rodney Anonymous. Saw 'em dozens of times back in the day. Sadly, Dave Blood committed suicide in 2004. The band were funny, stupid, irreverent, topical, satirical, insightful and astute and wacky observers of pop culture and trends. They'd make fun of almost anything and anybody. And they were punk rock. I once went to one of their record release parties in a bowling alley somewhere in Pennsauken, New Jersey and Rodney stuffed crudite vegetables in the holes in the bowling balls and bowled a game like that. It was one of the funniest nights in my rock and roll life. And I'll still dance to anything by Depeche Mode.

On Monday, September 3rd Joe Jack Talcum is playing a show at Johnny Brendas and couldn't help but link over to his site where he's got some cool audio posted. Here's some selections from his site.

Girl Hunt - The Dead Milkmen
Wisconsin - Ornamental Wigwam (side project with Joe and Dave)
Autumn Leaves - Buttefly Joe (another Joe side project)
Ask Me To Dance - The Dead Milkmen
Goodnight Moon - The Cheesies (Joe and Brian Sprenger lo-fi project)

Much much much much more audio here