Saturday, September 1, 2007

Tripping down memory lane with the Executive Slacks

Philadelphia's Executive Slacks were way ahead of their time, which in their heyday was around early 82/83 until about 1986/87 when lead singer and guitarist Matt Marello ended the band to pursue his career in art. They were one of Philly's proto-electronica/goth/industrial/techno bands and pretty damn good at it. I used to see them a lot particularly at Revival on 3rd Street in Philly. The band included Marello on guitars, John Young on synths and effects, Bobbie Rae on percussion and Stuart Levy on organ. The Slacks' earlier works were produced by former Killing Joke bassist Youth (the band were fans). Adding a bit of some Philly history to the mix, their now classic Fire And Ice album was one of the earlier words mixed by the now legendary Phil Nicolo and Andy "Funky Drummer" Kravitz.

With their moody, funky, atmospheric and noisy patchwork of searing guitar, found sounds and hip grooves, Executive Slacks were a mainstay of the local music scene back in the day. Here's a couple from Fire And Ice including their cover of Gary Glitter's "Rock And Roll."

Rock And Roll - Executive Slacks

Wide Fields - Executive Slacks

Trouser Press - Executive Slacks