Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sure Juror

New Jersey's Sure Juror are on to something interesting. They got a delightfully skewed sense of popstrionics. At the heart of their songs, are um, real songs, and sometimes heaped on top of the all the cool indiestructure is some crazy experimental stuff that's just enough to keep you on your toes rocking and your little indiemind challenged. Musically they've got a lot going on, some lo-fi here, some punk rock there, a little jazz breakdown thing here, some found noises that float's a collision of styles that works.

Sure Jurors have two albums out, both available for download (how about that!) on their website. Here's a little sampling from both of their albums including their latest Smut.

Making Friends Has Never Been This Easy - Sure Juror
Broken Crayons - Sure Juror
Ex-Cuties - Sure Juror
The Drive Will Do You Good - Sure Juror
Christmas Shopping - Sure Juror

Sure Juror perform at The Khyber on Tuesday Sept 11th with Windsor Park Walkers, Mean Streets and CounterVision. A good chance to support local music. And for the NY'ers in the house, Sure Juror play Piano's on Sept. 21.

Sure Juror's myspace