Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Orphan Family Have Fuckin' Got It

New local upstarts the Orphan Family really aren't new; essentially it's the dirty leftovers of The Situation who broke up and have morphed into some heavy fucking jangly-psychedelia gangsta singer-songwriter shit. Sort of like a Dandy Warhols/Robyn Hitchcock/Kinks kind of thing with three of the four Situationists including Jared Styles on bass, John Paul McCartney Bonham Travis on drums and Christopher Tucker on the lead vocals and guitars. The fourth member of the O-Fam is an Apple mac that shoots out mad images in a multi-media experience that will leave you hot and bothered and always ready to rock. Like these guys do. This song is dope. Check it out and play it loudly.

Sister, You've Fuckin' Got It - Orphan Family