Thursday, August 9, 2007

Swivel Chairs

If you long for the daze of 80's college radio rock ala The Feelies, Miracle Legion, Guadalcanal Diary and The Verlaines (I will not include IRS-era REM cause that would be so lazy of me) then look no farther than Swivel Chairs. They've got some super melodic jangly jingly goodness going on.

The Swivel Chairs have mostly been Jason Brown and Jeremy Grites with an assortment of their talented friends over their decade plus of performing together. While they have a Philly/Brooklyn dual citizenship thing going on, we'll keep them as ours.

This Saturday, August 11th they celebrate the release of their new album at Johnny Brendas along with some other Philly hotness like The Novenas, Walker Lundee and Canadian Invasion.

Here's a couple of tunes from their excellent new album The Slow Transmission on the Philly based Transit Of Venus records.

Here Out Of Reach - Swivel Chairs

Easy Now - Swivel Chairs

Candy Night - Swivel Chairs

Swivel Chairs' myspace