Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tickley Feather

I'm intriqued by Tickley Feather (real name: Annie Sachs) whose electronica is hypnotic and lush and gorgeous and all the other things hipsterindieposeur bloggers would say about some new band from Iceland or Scandanavia somewhere only that Tickley's from Philly which is about as close to Ice as we'll ever get to Iceland and we're darn proud of it. But I will tell you that Tickley's got much more than just ice. The girl's got vision and some twisted beats inside her cold cold heart.

You may have seen Tickley open for Panda Bear here in Philly and she's about to head out on the road opening for Animal Collective. Right now, Ms Feather has a limited, yet excellent amount of music avaialble including a split 7-inch single on Badmaster Records, a couple of songs on another split single on CNP Records

Natural - Tickley Feather

The Python - Tickley Feathers

Tickley - "Sex Face"

Philebrity has a foggy notion

It's a candy. It's a gum. It's a party. It's Philebrity's Foggy Notion. Phileb's Joey Sweeney has got on the surface what looks like a cool idea in a 24 hour party people kind of way - DJ's and livemusichipsterindierock.

Tonight (hey, that's tonight!), the Notion throws down at Silk City with Dark Horse And The Carousels and on Sept 13th it's the newly signed to XL Records New York indierock sensations Vampire Weekend. WOW!

Foggy Notion Party Trailer No. 1 from Philebrity and Vimeo.

The Break Up - The Trouble With Sweeney