Monday, September 24, 2007

Downtown Harvest

Downtown Harvest's new album, Golden Dragon, is one of those records - had it been released in 1988 or 1993 - that would have been described by music critics as some "brilliant postmodern alt-rock hip-hop masterpiece." It is an album that probably would've sounded more comfortable during that era than the one we're in now. And that's the reason why the record sounds so g-damn good now. It probably would've gotten lost back then. It's a throwback but it sounds so stylishly fresh. They're a rock/dance/rock/funk/rock/newwave/did i say rock? crew that owes as much to Beck and the Lo Fidelity Allstars as they do to early Chili Peppers, the Ohio Players, Hot Chip, and Philly's very own raprock allstars, The Goats.
I know: that's a lot to digest. But dig if you will the new album from this foursome who shift musical gears and moments with ease and creativity and some tough beats. The Harvesters take some familiar elements and make them sound brand new - between the heavy beats and sinewy grooves and the horn flourishes and grungy sounding guitars there's more than a handful of great songs on this record that you'll find yourself putting on repeat no matter where the party is, even if its in your own head. Here's one of those songs and if you dig this one then find it in your heart wallet to buy the album.

Killer Queen Bee - Downtown Harvest

Downtown Harvest's myspace