Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Parsnip Revolt

The Parsnip Revolt are a very talented four piece that include Geremiah Giampa on vocals & guitar, Jake Williams on guitar & vocals, Doug Holton on drums & vocals and Brian Finucane on bass. Rooted in acoustics and rock, there's a lilting and comforting Travis meets Damien Rice vibe to the band's music.

And what's really cool is that one of the band's new songs, "Follow Me" was selected for Neil Young's "Living With War Today" song site. The song says guitarist Jake Williams "is about the war and the state of affairs here at home."

Check the song out here -

Follow Me - The Parsnip Revolt

The band has a promising EP that you can download for free here


Dan said...

Gotta love the Parsnips! The new EP is great.

Jenifer said...

Very intresting to read..thanks for giving this kind of blogs....

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Jenifer said...
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